Custom type of stand up pouches manufacturer from China introduce you to the types of stand up pouches
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As a custom type of stand up pouches manufacturer from China, today I will introduce you to the types of stand up pouches. The self-standing bag is a relatively new packaging form, which has advantages in improving product grade, enhancing shelf visual effect, being portable, convenient to use, fresh-keeping, and sealing.

custom type of stand up pouches manufacturer from China

There are five basic types of vertical bags:

1. General self-contained bag:

The general form of the self-bag, the use of the four-edge form, can not be re-closed and re-opened, this self-bag is generally used in the industrial supplies industry.

2. Self-contained bag with suction nozzle:

The self-standing bag with a suction nozzle is more convenient to dump or absorb the contents and can be re-closed and re-opened, can be considered as a combination of a self-standing bag and an ordinary bottle mouth. This self-contained bag is generally used for daily necessities packaging, used to hold drinks, body wash, shampoo, tomato sauce, edible oil, jelly, and other liquid, colloid, semi-solid products, such as the famous wedding Lang Cici and so on.

3. Zippered self-contained bags:

Self-contained bags with zippers can be re-closed and re-opened, because the zipper form is not closed and closed strength is limited, so this form is not suitable for packaging liquid and volatile substances. According to the different ways of edge sealing, it can be divided into four sides and three sides. Four sides mean that there is a layer of ordinary edge sealing on the outside of the zipper sealing when the product leaves the factory, and the ordinary edge must be torn off before use, then the zipper is used to realize repeated unsealing. This method solves the shortcoming that the zipper edge sealing strength is small, which is disadvantageous to transportation. And the three edges are direct with the zipper edge as a seal, generally used to hold light products. Zippered self-contained bags are generally used to pack some light solids, such as candy, cookies, jelly, etc. . But the four-sided self-contained bags can also be used to pack rice, cat litter, and other heavier products.

4. Mouth-like self-contained bags:

The imitation mouth-type self-standing bag combines the convenience of the self-standing bag with a suction nozzle with the cheapness of the ordinary self-standing bag. That is, the suction nozzle is realized through the shape of the bag body itself. But the mouth-like self-bag can not be opened repeatedly, therefore, generally used in beverages, jelly, and other disposable liquid, colloid, and semi-solid product packaging.

5. Self-contained bag:

That is, according to the needs of packaging, on the basis of the traditional bag to change the shape of the new independent bag, such as waist design, bottom deformation design, and handle design. It is the main direction of self-supporting bag value-added development at present.

The above is about the independent bag type introduction, hoped can better help you to understand our product. Haipak is a custom type of stand up pouches manufacturer from Chinawith over 10 years of manufacturing experience. If you want to make custom pouches for your products, please contact us directly.