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Biodegradable pouches don't have to be sent to a particular facility or be exposed to a perfect mix of humidity, temperature, and bacteria. Instead, they break down and decompose in their natural environment. This is true "sustainability". 
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<h3>Biodegradable Pouches</h3>
Sealing is moisture-proof and shading. Aluminum foil lids and lidding film are supplied at HaiPak for your packaging solutions.

Haipak have two production bases, from purchasing plastic raw material to film blowing, product draft making, mold developing, printing, and compounding to finished products, all are completed in our own two factories.

Quality and professionalism are our strengths. We pay attention to every detail. This way, you can be sure that we offer the best solution for your product. With 8 years of experience, our company is a reliable supplier and partner for your business. Our main care is that the packaging we produce is compliant with all safety regulations and cannot threaten the health of your consumers in any way.

Request a quote and we'll find the best solution for you.
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<h3>Sealing Films</h3>
The most widely used packaging solution.Simple but never out of fashion with your unique design. Flat pouches,gusseted bags,stand-up pouches and printed film are all available at HaiPak.
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<h3>Food Pouches</h3>
Sort of new fashion in this industry going with variety of wine and drinks. Bag-in-Box,Color printing stand-up pouch with nozzle are the main recommendations from HaiPak.
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<h3>Liquid Container</h3>
With flat vacuum bags,life becomes easier.Easy keeping food fresh, easy enlarging storage space and easy prolonging the storage period.HaiPak supplies plain vacuum bag and embossed vacuum bag for your option.
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<h3>Flat Vacuum Bag</h3>