Flat Pouches
flat pouch food packaging

Flat Pouches

May it be for light products or strong items, flat pouch bags may be the most economical choice for single servings for snacks, cosmetics, jewelry and medicines etc. Although these flat pouches are designed to rest flat on surfaces, hang holes can be added to allow merchants to select between horizontally stacking them on shelves or frontally suspending them on wall hooks. Our in-house design studio can help you produce bespoke artwork to make your flat pouch capture clients' attention for the correct reasons.
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Flat bag (flat pouch) is a three-sided heat-sealed packaging bag. Flat Pouches are the most economical choice for single servings for snacks, cosmetics, jewelry and medicines etc..

Common Applications

Seafood/beef jerky/powders/snacks/soups/sauces/spices/pet products/frozen food/sports drinks/health products/household items/gardening supplies

Finish / Aesthetics

Haipak flat pouches provides a variety of finishes, such as matt, glossy, metal,plain etc.

Haipak flat pouches

Value-added Services

The flat pouches can be printed in a variety of colors and patterns according to your needs. A clear window usually is made on the front to show the product content , or various shapes of hanging holes made on the top to meet the display needs of different ways.

custom printed flat pouches


Size: Our 3-sided seal pouches have loading ability ranging from 30g to 1kg

Printing Process: Haipak flat pouches uses food grade environmentally friendly ink, and up to 10 color gravure print.

Customized Materials: Single or multi-layer packing film using OPP/CPP/PET/ PE/PP/NY/ALU/METPET/ KRAFT PAPER and other materials

Customized Features: Press to close zipper, easy open tear notch, slot and product window are optional.

3 side seal flat pouch

Product Features

Pack Properties: HaiPak flat pouches can effectively block air, water and ultraviolet rays to protect your products safety.

Filling and Sealing: HaiPak flat pouches can be filled and sealed by automatic production line or manually. Suitable for both cold and hot filling, gas flushing and vacuum sealing.

Packaging Advantage: Haipak flat pouches can meet the basic needs for product packaging and sealing. It provides you with the most convenient and economical packaging solutions. You can choose from a variety of composite materials such as aluminum foil or transparent polymer.

flat pouch food packaging

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