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Stand-up Pouches
stand up pouches manufacturer

Stand-up Pouches

Custom stand up pouches has exploded in popularity as more and more product creators have realized the benefits that it offers. For one thing, stand-up pouches offer better visibility on store shelves. We are a supplier who allows you to create custom stand up pouches that feature unique sizes and designs so that your product stands out even more. Submit your design and our talented designers will turn it into reality. You'll receive a flexible packaging solution that looks great and that also reduces packaging waste and makes it easier to handle your product in wholesale pricing.
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A stand-up pouch, as the name suggests, is a stand-up bag. Freestanding pouches come in a variety of styles, such as nozzle, zipper, tear notches, degassers and hangholes.

Common Applications

Pet food / Coffee / tea / Sports nutrition / Dry food / powders / Snack foods / Confectionery / Horticulture / Health and beauty / Frozen food / Soups, sauces and spices / Health food

Finish / Aesthetics

Haipak stand-up pouches provides a variety of finishes, such as matt, glossy, metal,plain etc.

Value-added Services

Free-standing bags are the trend of flexible packaging industry. Haipak provides a variety of styles of stand-up pouches, such as laminated zipper bags, nozzle stand-up pouches, aluminum foil stand-up pouches, window bags, cooking bags, and Kraft stand-up pouches.

a variety of styles of stand-up pouches


Size: Optional size width from 80mm

Printing Process: Haipak stand up pouches uses food grade environmentally friendly ink, and up to 10 color gravure print.

Customized Materials: Materials such as OPP / CPP / PET / PE / PP / NY / AL / METPET/KRAFT PAPER is optional,mono or multi-layer , customized service also available.

Customized Features: Easy tearing, hanging hole, window, zipper, etc are optional.

stand up resealable pouch bags

Product Features

Pack Properties: Haipak stand-up pouches can effectively block air, water and ultraviolet rays to protect your products safety.

Filling And Sealing: Haipak stand-up pouches are suitable for cold sealing film and hot sealing film of all kinds of dry and wet products. Suitable for filling and sealing of horizontal and vertical types of equipments.

Packaging Advantage: In the flexible packaging industry, stand-up pouches are one of the preferred packaging materials. Its characteristic is convenient canning, nice and neat.Available in a variety of styles and sizes.

stand up pouches manufacturer

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