China vacuum freezer bags manufacturer introduces you to vacuum freezer bags
 Dec 09, 2022|View:762

Vacuum bags can be used to pack different types of products and are suitable for different storage environments. In order to achieve better results in the actual packaging, China vacuum freezer bags manufacturer will generally choose the right material to customize the food vacuum bags according to the customer's application requirements.

China vacuum freezer bags manufacturer

Frozen food is an essential part of today's fast-paced life, so how to use vacuum freezer bags to keep food fresh at low temperatures requires more in-depth research. The following China vacuum freezer bags manufacturer will introduce you to the nature of several materials of food vacuum bag product characteristics:

1. BOPP/PE and BOPP/CPP. these two structures of vacuum freezer bags are moisture resistance, excellent cold resistance, low-temperature heat sealing tensile strength, and good economy. It is worth mentioning that BOPP/PE material has a better feel than PET/PE, which is good for product marketing.

2. PA/PE.PET/PA/LLDPE.PET/PA/AL/PE.PA/PE. The structure of these four types of material is more resistant to freezing and impact, plus the PA layer ensures good puncture resistance, the drawback is that the production cost is higher, generally used for angular or heavier food products packaging.

3. PET/VMPET/CPE.BOPP/VMPET/CPE. three-layer structure of the bag is more solid and stable than single-layer, double-layer, high barrier performance, coupled with the presence of aluminized layer makes the printing performance also has more outstanding advantages, but relative to the above materials, low-temperature heat sealing performance is slightly worse, the cost is higher

4. PET/PE, the material structure is more common in frozen food packaging, moisture resistance, cold resistance, low temperature heat sealing performance is good, and the production cost is also relatively low.

The above is the introduction of vacuum freezer bags, we are a China vacuum freezer bags manufacturer with many years of production experience, if you have special food vacuum bag needs, you can contact us directly.