Four things to keep in mind when designing flat pouch food packaging
 Sep 15, 2022|View:527

Delicious food will often bring people the enjoyment of taste buds and spiritual satisfaction, especially as people's living conditions are getting better and better, many people in the pursuit of food at the same time, not only the pursuit of taste, there is also an increased focus on flat pouch food packaging. People tend to like better-looking things, and food is no exception. Therefore, flat pouch food packaging is often an important factor in whether people are willing to buy it. To make the flat pouch food packaging more attractive, we should consider the following four aspects:

flat pouch food packaging

1. Use of color

Flat pouch food packaging can capture the attention of consumers from many aspects, then they can choose from the color aspect. As the flat pouch food packaging, it should choose the warm color that is more appetizing to give priority to, or you can also according to the brand theme of their own food color packaging. For example, Starbucks brand coffee, whether the store or LOGO is the same color, so their cups and food bags are the same color, this will let consumers through a color to remember a brand, the benefits of doing so is invisible use of color for their own food brand to do a promotion.

2. Text and image selection

Images and text on flat pouch food packaging can also play a key role. For example, we can attract the attention of consumers through simple advertising slogans, or the names of food products with some more eye-catching fonts, and at the same time add photos with more appetite, it's also a great way to get people to look at pictures and text to get a strong appetite.

3. Rationality of packaging design

The current flat pouch food packaging is not only for the sake of appearance, but also to make it more user-friendly. For example, it makes it easier for people to open it when they are enjoying the food, if it is a large package of food can best design some again to seal the device, so that we can not finish when the secondary storage. In this case, different brands of the same product, many consumers may be this and choose a more reasonable packaging design of food to buy.

4. The uniqueness of the package

Similar flat pouch food packaging will make people feel ordinary, so we can make some interesting designs to attract people's attention. For example, some milk tea shops now make cups into various cartoon patterns, in addition to the lovely lid, many consumers will be because of the unique packaging design and to buy.

Therefore, if you want to attract people, you can refer to the above points when designing flat pouch food packaging to achieve the best results.