Notes on using the Plain Vacuum Bag
 Sep 22, 2022|View:495

The Plain Vacuum Bag has good anti-static, anti-oxygen, shielding, moisture-proof, shading function, and excellent heat sealing. There are a few points to pay special attention to when using the Plain Vacuum Bag, as follows:

Plain Vacuum Bag

1. Pay attention to the Plain Vacuum Bag before and after it is inflated. Don't let the sharp objects scratch it. When storing it in a cabinet or other place, pay attention to whether there are sharp objects in the storage area to ensure that the Bag is in good condition.

2. Food should be placed in Plain Vacuum Bag, at least 3-5 cm away from the zipper, large items should not be forced in.

3. To ensure that the zipper part the clean, if there is fiber or dust, that will reduce the sealing performance, it is recommended that the water-stained gauze wipe clean, and then close the zipper. After closing the zipper, please hold the slider by hand and pull it back and forth several times to ensure that the two ribs of the seal are fully buckled into the groove to ensure the sealing effect.

4. When using the suction pump will pump the spiral interface to the end, against the suction port of the white rubber gasket, to ensure that the interface does not leak air, usually, a large bag needs to be pumped for 3 to 5 minutes, it takes about three or five hundred strokes before there is an obvious slashing phenomenon. In the use of an air pump pay attention to continuous pumping, it is best not to stop.

5. After drawing, please check the seal of the Plain Vacuum Bag again to make sure it is sealed.