Food packaging pouch manufacturer tells you why the surface of the food packaging bag in the seal will appear wrinkles and solutions
 Oct 31, 2022|View:482

With the development of the times, whether it is vegetables and fruits, or snacks that young people like to eat, you can see the figure of food packaging pouch. As a food manufacturer, customizing a food packaging pouch is one of the basic requirements. Still, in the actual production process of a food packaging pouch, the bag, after heat sealing, the seal is prone to wrinkles, affecting the beauty and use rate, so what are the reasons that lead to the seal wrinkles? And how to avoid this phenomenon? The following will answer you in detail as a professional food packaging pouch manufacturer.

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On the one hand, the problem of material. If the food packaging pouch material does not have enough temperature resistance after high-temperature sealing and ironing sealing position is easy to wrinkle, such as BOPP / PE material, because the material performance is softer and lacks hardness, so the heat sealing if the temperature is too high, it is easy to wrinkle. It is recommended that in the middle layer of the food packaging pouch composite material, add a good flatness, with a certain degree of hardness of the film, such as PET film, and thus solve the problem of wrinkles caused by the material.

On the other hand, pay attention to the heat sealing time and temperature of the food packaging pouch. Suppose the heat sealing temperature of the food packaging pouch is too high. In that case, the bags can not withstand that temperature, easy to be hot wrinkles, but the heat sealing temperature is not enough, and also easy to leads to low heat sealing strength, which can not guarantee the heat sealing effect. And in the case of the same temperature, the heat sealing time is too long will also lead to wrinkles. Therefore, food packaging pouch heat sealing should be set according to the different materials and a moderate heat sealing temperature. Production of food packaging pouches will solve this problem.

According to the above possible causes of food packaging pouch sealing wrinkles, I hope it will help you to use and buy a food packaging pouch.