China vacuum freezer bags manufacturer teaches you the principle of frozen vacuum packaging bag barrier performance testing and testing instruments
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With the development of society, the food industry has gradually emerged, and vacuum freezer bags are widely used in this field, such as beef, mutton, dumplings, dumplings, and so on, which are also seen everywhere in the supermarket. In life, more and more frozen foods choose frozen vacuum packaging. The main purpose is used to freeze and preserve quality and freshness. Testing the barrier performance of vacuum freezer bags is directly related to the shelf life. As a professional China vacuum freezer bags manufacturer, the following will provide you with detailed answers to the barrier performance of frozen vacuum packaging bags, the barrier performance of the test principle, and the instrument.

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1. What are the barrier properties of vacuum freezer bags?

The barrier is for the assessment of packaging materials on the permeability of a porous object, which is an important indicator to consider packaging materials, but also packaging materials must have a basic function, especially food on the barrier requirements of packaging materials are higher, such packaging materials need to have high barrier performance to prevent the infiltration of oxygen, water vapor, microorganisms, acid, and alkali corrosive solvents and other substances while playing anti-fouling, moisture-proof characteristics, to maintain the packaging interior. Moisture-proof characteristics maintain the stability of the internal environment of the packaging and protect the contents, thereby extending the shelf life of food.

2. What is the test principle of barrier performance?

(1) gas permeation test: using the differential pressure test, the pre-processed specimen is placed between the upper and lower test cavities and clamped. First of all, the low-pressure cavity (lower cavity) is vacuumed, and then the whole system is evacuated; when the specified vacuum is reached, the lower cavity of the test is closed, and the high-pressure cavity (upper cavity) is filled with a certain pressure of test gas, and a constant pressure difference (adjustable) is formed on both sides of the specimen; thus the gas will permeate from the high-pressure side to the low-pressure side under the action of the pressure difference gradient and through the monitoring of the pressure inside the low-pressure side of the treatment. Thus, the barrier parameters of the tested sample are obtained.

(2) water vapor permeability test: using the moisture permeability cup weighing method test principle at a certain temperature so that the two sides of the specimen from a specific humidity difference, water vapor through the specimen in the moisture permeability cup into the dry side, through the determination of the weight of the moisture permeability cup change over time, to find out the water vapor transmission rate of the specimen and other parameters.

3. What are the test instruments for barrier performance?

(1) Gas permeation test: Based on the testing principle of the pressure difference method, the gas permeation meter is a professional gas permeation tester for film specimens, which is suitable for the determination of gas permeation and gas permeation coefficient of plastic films, composite films, high barrier materials, sheets and metal foils at various temperatures.

(2) Water vapor transmission rate test: The water vapor transmission rate tester is based on the principle of the cup method test and is a professional water vapor transmission rate tester for film specimens, which applies to the determination of the water vapor transmission rate of plastic films, composite films and other films, sheet materials and various materials in the field of health and building materials. By determining the water vapor transmission rate, it can control and adjust the technical index of materials to meet the different needs of product applications.

The above is about the vacuum freezer bag barrier performance test principle and testing instruments related knowledge, and I hope your purchase and use can help.