Tips for ordering Plain Vacuum Bag
 Nov 15, 2022|View:437

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, packaging bags, whether at home or in supermarkets and shopping malls, are seen at will. And compared to the various types of bags purposely customized by various food manufacturers, there are many non-printed, transparent Plain Vacuum Bag.

Plain Vacuum Bag

Compared to customized vacuum bags, many customers order to save costs and reduce the waste of resources, and they prefer to choose Plain Vacuum Bags to package their food production. Below, we will summarize for you the ordering skills of these ordinary vacuum packaging bags and hope to help customers with ordinary vacuum bag ordering needs.

(1) the material required by the product. Customers need to provide the characteristics of the product: for example, high-temperature resistance, freezing resistance, oil resistance, puncture resistance, etc., to provide these characteristics that can help the product to find a more suitable packaging.

(2) the size of the product required. The customer must provide the size of the vacuum packaging bag because the same product characteristics of different sizes required are different. The customer only provides detailed dimensions, and we can operate strictly according to the production requirements.(3) the bag type required by the product. There are many Plain Vacuum bags, such as 3-side seal bags, stand-up pouches, flat bags, etc. This needs to be selected according to the thickness of the product and shape of the product.

(4) the thickness of the product required. Customers need to provide the required thickness of the Plain Vacuum Bag because the thicknesses of different prices are different. Thickness is not only related to the price but also has an intuitive and important impact on upgrading the product.

(5) the bag-making process. Common vacuum bag bag-making process, such as: whether to play rounded corners, whether to play the cut, the size of the top seal, etc. The appropriate bag-making process will make the product more high-grade.

(6) Plain Vacuum Bag can not be ordered at will. Many customers in ordering generic general vacuum bags and will need help understanding whether the bag has a good vacuum effect. Some customers even use PE single-layer bags for vacuum packaging bags. The PE density is relatively small, easy to causes flatulence and other situations, and can not be used for vacuum packaging.