Custom food pouch packaging suppliers from China tell you what basic information is needed on the food packaging pouch
 Nov 14, 2022|View:518

With the development of society, whether it is the family or shopping malls, supermarkets can see the figure of food packaging bags. Food packaging bags in various styles are diversified, can meet the needs of people in business, and can be customized in different sizes, specifications, and colors. The appearance of LOGO effectively plays a brand promotion. Exquisite food packaging bags will allow consumers to favor. With the prosperity of business, the competition between enterprises is fierce, so food packaging bags have a special promotional marketing effect through different raw materials to choose the bags used. As professional Custom food pouch packaging suppliers from China, we will explain in detail what basic information needs to be on the food packaging.

Custom food pouch packaging

1. name, specification, net content, date of production.

2. ingredients or ingredient list.

3. the name, address, and contact information of the producer.

4. shelf life.

5. product standard code.

6. storage conditions.

7. the common name of the food additives used in the national standards.

8. production license number.

9. Laws, regulations, or food safety standards should be marked with other matters.

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