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♨️ Retort Pouches
Retort Pouches

♨️ Retort Pouches

Retort pouches requires less water and energy to manufacture and transport, and generates small quantities of greenhouse gases on its way to market. Thanks to its efficiency in product to package ratios, retort pouches ultimately results in less consumer waste being sent to landfills.
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retort pouch

A retort pouch is a sterilizable flexible bag that can withstand temperatures up.

to 250°F (120°C) for handing the product inside. The key to retort pouch production

is good and high quality lamination. Apply to high heat cooked food, gravy & sauce and etc.

Value-added Services

  • Tear notch for easy tearing Custom retort pouches

  • Hang hole

  • Header and handle

  • Diamond cut bottom

  • On wicket

  • Laser scoring

  • Rounded corners

  • Extrusion lamination

  • Adhesive lamination

  • Dry lamination

  • Registered matte coating or soft-touch matte

  • Registered de-metalized

  • Additional options available on request


retort pouch supplier from China

Current retort pouch formats are typically comprised of three or four layers

of materials, namely, an outer polyester layer, a middle aluminum layer

and an inner castPP layer (Griffin, 1987) and laminated together using thermostable adhesives.

Common flexible retort pouch structures include the following:

  • PET / FOIL / Nylon / CPP

  • PET / Nylon / FOIL / CPP

  • PET-SiOX or AlOX / Nylon / CPP

Product Features

  • A canning replacement method, product shelf lives similar to canned products,

    called a “Soft Can”

  • 341666665243452.jpegNo refrigeration required

  • Sterilization process up to 30% faster than with cans

  • Safeguards the freshness, aroma and taste of the ingredients inside

  • Safe and easy to open in contrast to cans and jars

  • Good package uniformity for cartooning

  • Low weight, cost-efficient transport

  • Less waste to dispose

  • Wide range of shapes, designs, and unique features

  • Food Grade Materials

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