China custom food packaging manufacturer teaches you the basic requirements of custom food packaging
 Nov 04, 2022|View:429

With the development of society, whether it is a shopping mall, supermarket, or family company, as long as it is related to food, almost all can see the figure of custom food packaging. Therefore, food manufacturers need to carefully consider the customization of food packaging to improve their brands' influence. Putting aside the external factors (everyone has their preferences regarding design, shape, etc.), as a professional China custom food packaging manufacturer, let's talk about the internal part of custom food packaging.

 custom food packaging

We recommend that your custom food packaging should follow the following basic requirements.

1. Strength requirements. In the process of storage, stacking, transportation, and handling, they will inevitably be protected from various external destructive forces, such as pressure, impact, and vibration. Different modes of transportation, storage, handling, and storage environments for packaging strength requirements are different. Therefore, it needs to be considered according to the situation of their products.

2. Barrier requirements. The barrier is one of the important attributes of customized food packaging. In the storage and packaging process of many foods, the flavor and quality of the food will change due to poor barrier performance, which affects the quality of food. The characteristics of the food itself determine barrier requirements, expressed as an external barrier, internal barrier, or selective barrier. Barrier substances are air, water, grease, light, microorganisms, etc.

3. Respiratory requirements. In the packaging and storage process, some fresh fruits, vegetables, and other food still maintain respiratory function. Therefore, custom food packaging materials should be breathable to achieve the purpose of freshness.

4. Nutritional requirements. Food in the packaging and storage process will gradually lose nutrition. Packaging bags should play a role in preserving food nutrition, and more ideally, nutrition can be locked through the packaging;

5. Other requirements. Such as heat resistance, light resistance, shatterproof, moisture retention, etc.

These are the basic requirements you are advised to follow when customizing food packaging, as the outer packaging of food, mainly to ensure the food quality in the bag, which will have certain requirements for packaging.