Vacuum bag manufacturer from China teaches you why vacuum bags appear to the bag-up phenomenon
 Nov 07, 2022|View:871

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, whether it is the family or a variety of supermarkets and shopping malls, you can see the figure of vacuum packaging bags. But with time, we will inevitably find that vacuum bags appear as up bags phenomenon. As a professional Vacuum bag manufacturer from China, the following will provide you with answers to the two reasons for this phenomenon.

Vacuum bag

1. The reason for the food itself. Such as, food sterilization is not complete, dry food is not fully dry, etc., in trace amounts of oxygen or high humidity environment, microbial reproduction easily leads to mold, and mildew bags up the problem.

2. Unqualified quality of the outer packaging can make oxygen or water vapor into the finished package inside, promoting microbial reproduction, leading to mold, mildew, and up bags of food. Packaging prone to quality problems is generally concentrated in the following areas.

(1) poor barrier. Such as packaging materials, oxygen and water resistance is poor, resulting in the finished product in the long-term storage process, oxygen, and water vapor slowly penetrating the package;

(2) poor sealing. Such as poor heat sealing caused by poor sealing at the seal, resulting in external air and moisture from the heat sealing parts into the package;

(3) poor physical and mechanical properties. Such as poor toughness of the packaging material, the contents are not resistant to puncture or production process and storage process rubbing or extrusion, making the finished packaging in storage, transportation process on the bag pinholes, creases or broken bags, and not found in time, resulting in food contact with a large number of oxygen, water vapor and mold and other phenomena.

Overall, the occurrence of the bag-up phenomenon, is not only due to the food itself but also due to the quality of vacuum bags decided. As far as vacuum bags, choosing a good vacuum bag manufacturer for cooperation is necessary.