China types of stand up pouches manufacturer teach you the difficulties of stand-up zipper bags
 Nov 08, 2022|View:432

With the improvement of people's living standards, stand-up pouches are commonly used in packaging people's food and household items, they can be seen in supermarkets and shopping malls, etc., and one of the more common is stand-up zipper bags. Although stand-up zipper bags are now commonly popular, there are sometimes some difficulties in solving the problem. As a professional China types of stand up pouches manufacturer, the following will sort out these problems for you in detail.

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1. Difficulties that arise.

(1) Zipper and bag body sealing parts are not level.

(2) Zipper and bag body sealing part of the phenomenon of partial delamination.

(3) The zipper's two sides and the bag seal's side crossed parts of the "dead fold."

(4) The two sides of the zipper and the bag's side seal crossed part of the delamination.

2. The reasons for the above four types of self-standing zipper packaging bag problems.

(1)The heat shrinkage of the zipper itself exceeds the heat shrinkage of the composite plastic film.

(2) The zipper itself is greater than or equal to the melting point of the heat-sealing layer of plastic film.

(3) The cross-section of the zipper on the sub-button is too large.

(4) Part of the heat sealing bar design scheme on the zipper bag-making machine is not scientific, and it is proposed to apply ultrasonic-type heat sealing equipment.

(5) Part of the heat sealing tension design scheme is not scientific (too small).

(6) Ultrasonic heat sealing equipment power or working pressure is insufficient.

(7) Insufficient temperature resistance of printing ink layer.

(8) The strength of the silicone pad is not suitable.

The above problems, can be targeted to solve.