Custom food pouch packaging suppliers from China teach you what you need to pay attention to when printing food packaging bags
 Nov 11, 2022|View:437

With the improvement of people's living standards, whether in the home or the supermarkets in shopping malls, you can see the figure of food packaging bags. For food manufacturers to enhance their visibility and uniqueness, bag printing has become essential in their food production process. Therefore, understanding and controlling the printing method and quality is key to producing food packaging bags. As professional Custom food pouch packaging suppliers from China, the following will take you to understand what you need to pay attention to in printing food packaging bags.

food packaging bags

1. The pressure of the roller. Food packaging bag printing to properly adjust the pressure of the drum, bag printing inadvertently will roll glue; if the ink color is too heavy, the solid substrate is too large, easy to stick, or ink rollers. So before printing, reduce the pressure on the roller and reduce the liner in the rubber. To avoid sticky roll glue, more binders should be added to the ink to avoid double, multi-sheet, and paper skew and to protect the non-rolling glue pressure evenly.

2. Ink. Ink has a direct impact on the quality of printed products. Packaging plays a protective and decorative role for goods. Packaging and printing quality will directly affect the aesthetics and consumption of each person. Therefore, when printing packaging, we must meet quality standards. To complete a delicate and beautiful product, each printing step needs to be completed carefully to have considerable profit and quality.

These are the two points that need to be noted in the printing of food packaging bags, and I hope they will be useful for your purchase and use.